At Einstein Advisors, we can't explain the Theory of Relativity, but we can help you understand your financial options. Whether it's Life Insurance, Health Insurance, including Medicare, or Retirement Planning, we're really smart about this stuff!

Life Insurance

If you have a family who relies on your income, then it is imperative to have life insurance protection. But even a single person with no dependents could benefit from the right kind of Life Insurance. Some life insurance policies can be used as a source of cash in the event that you need to access the funds during your lifetime. Many of these policies build cash value that can be borrowed from or withdrawn at the policyowner’s request. Thus, Life Insurance can provide benefits to your survivors, but can also provide benefits to you while you’re still alive.

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Health Insurance

The rising costs of health-care have made health insurance more important than ever before. Medicare provides many options to individuals who qualify, but for those who don't, finding affordable health insurance can be difficult. Even Medicare recipients must be diligent about comparing their options in order to ensure proper coverage. Health insurance is a complicated and ever-changing field, and you should review your options every year during the annual enrollment periods.

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Retirement Planning

Planning for your retirement is life-long process and your plan should be reviewed and revised at least once a year. Options change, your situations change, the tax codes and other laws change, and you should be consulting with your Financial Advisor to ensure you're making the right decisions with your money.

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