Starting a Career in Financial Services

A career in Financial Services can be very rewarding on many levels. Some of the reasons agents typically enjoy working in this industry are:

  • Independence. As an independent agent, you set your own goals, your own agenda, and your own hours. You’re the boss of your own business, and you reap the rewards of your own efforts.
  • Helping people. The work we do is very rewarding, and you can feel good about providing valuable insight to people who really need it.
  • Unlimited income potential. You really can earn what you’re worth, and your income is directly related to your efforts and your talents.
  • Variety. No two clients are the same, and each one has unique challenges and unique situations that require unique solutions. We’re problem solvers, educators, and trusted advisors.
  • Flexibility. Because you’re independent, you have a flexible schedule. You work as much or as little as you like, and your income and your life will be impacted by those choices.
  • Stability and Control. Your Financial Services career is your own, and you’ll never be downsized out of a job. If you remain in compliance with the state’s regulations, your license will remain valid until you choose to deactivate it or retire.

The first step in beginning a career in Financial Services is to obtain the appropriate license(s) from the State of Florida’s Department of Insurance. Getting a license to sell insurance in Florida requires some training, some paperwork, some money, and sometimes, some tenacity. But the investment could prove to be the best career decision you’ve ever made.

Steps to obtain a Florida 2-15 License. (Life & Health (including Annuities and Variable Contracts)

Here’s a quick rundown of the steps you’ll need to take to get your license. Costs shown are believed accurate as of 3-21-19.

  1. Be a legal, adult resident of Florida without a felony record.
  2. Take the class.  It’s 60 hours of online training.  It costs about $210, through, but you can get a significant discount by using our discount code, which is:
  3. Apply for the License.  Cost is $55.
  4. Get fingerprints at an approved site.  Cost is $47.05 plus sales tax..
  5. Pass the State exam.  Must be taken at a Pearsonvue Testing Center. Schedule your exam at  (Dates fill up, so schedule early, then study to meet that date.) Exam costs $44 plus sales tax.
  6. Status Notification. Check MyProfile on state site for current status and deficiencies.

Total cost:  $356.05 plus sales tax.  (With Einstein discount, approximately $256 plus tax.)

For more information about these steps, visit the state’s Division of Insurance website.

Or call to speak to our Careers Coordinator, Marianne, at 386-956-0256.