Our Team

Don Carlson

Don is not only our CEO, he's a brilliant Financial Services agent as well! He can help you understand you options regarding your Life Insurance, Health Insurance, including Medicare, Long-Term Care, and more.

Marianne Carlson

Marianne Carlson serves the Agency and her clients with the same energy and focus.  For her clients, she works to provide the very best solutions to their long and short-term challenges, and help them understand the options available to them. Contact Marianne for Medicare, Long-Term Care, and Life Insurance.

Odetta Canady
Licensed Agent

Odetta was born in England (because her father was in the US Air Force, and was stationed there), and she was raised in Maine, but Florida has been her home since 1986.  She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and a Masters in Business, along with an impressive resume that includes over 30 years in the Healthcare industry.  She’s been licensed in Florida since 2015, and is especially passionate about Health Insurance because she understands how important it is for people to be their own best advocates where their health is concerned.  She’s motivated to help them understand their options so they can make wise, informed decisions.

D.B. Dawkins
Licensed Agent

D.B. was born and raised in Pennsylvania, and served in the United States Marines, and is a Desert Storm veteran.  With her degree in Business and Finance, she entered the insurance industry in 2017.  “I love helping clients with their Health Insurance needs,” D.B. has said, “because I know how confusing it can be.  I love helping them really understand their options.  I know I can make a real impact on their lives, and that’s what motivates me.” 

Kim Hargis
Licensed Agent

After an exemplary career in Law Enforcement and Corrections, Kim turned her considerable energy to a dual career in Real Estate and Insurance.  She comes to Einstein Advisors with a proven track record of excellence, and a genuine desire to help people. 

Don Carlson, CEO of Einstein Advisors says, “Kim is an absolute delight to work with.  She’s very intelligent, and she really cares about people.  We know we can count on her to serve our clients, and our community, with integrity and honor.”

Kim will be focused on three areas of Financial Wellness:  Life Insurance, Health Insurance (including Medicare), and Retirement Planning.